Science Runny Race!!

On the 10/8/2016 we did a science runny race!!

We tested water, honey and oil, I thought water would come 1st

oil second and slowly coming honey.

and guess what!  I was right!Image result for water

For the set up my team and me had to get 6 cups.

next we had to fill up 3 with water, oil and honey.    

and then poke holes in the bottom

then finally we timed how long it took for it to go down into the other

cup and that’s what we did in science!

Frog math

A frog hops 26 steps but slips 8 he hops up 18  but slips 2 he hops 6 but slips 2 he hops 8 but slips 6 he hops up 12, frog is at the 84 step what step did he start on

clue:if he starts on 0 he will end up on 52



sailingon the 15th tuseday we went sailing at lake Eppalock. there were 3 groups. 1 with activities 2 teaching and

3 sailing. first I was doing activates we played was bow port starboard stern like ship shark shore

the next was octopus tigy

then we went to a classroom to learn all the parts of the boat then we went sailing yay

that was my fav part. Oscar and I were in a boat together. big gust of wind came and Oscar and I capsisd